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Everything You Need to Know About a Safety Razor

There’s something about safety razors that’s just plain cool. They hark back to simpler times, when a single blade was enough for a close shave. And they look good - often constructed from a solid bit of stainless steel and inlaid with wood, a safety razor may be the only tool required for a comfortable shaving experience. But what exactly is a safety razor, and how should you use one should you choose to make a purchase?

Why you need a safety razor

A safety razor might be the most stylish way to shave. Forget seven-bladed plastic razors and disposable heads, the safety razor evokes decades gone-by when shaving was a crucial part of every man’s daily routine. As such, they’re a great introduction to the classic razors of our forefathers and are a good stepping stone towards learning the art of cut-throat shaving.

Perhaps the best thing about safety razors though is the sustainability element. Safety razors use double edge blades made entirely of metal, so there’s no plastic waste that’s harmful for the environment, unlike with cartridge razors. The double edge blades are also cheaper than multi-bladed heads, and they don’t clog as easily, making for an easier and arguably closer shave, each and every time.

How to use a safety razor

Safety razors are incredibly easy to use. But there are some important points to consider. It’s worth pairing one up with a shaving brush for the ultimate old school experience. The brush, with which you apply shaving cream to your face in circular motions, helps soften the hair, preparing it for shaving.

Care should be taken when loading the blade. They are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the razor - simply slot it in and then tighten the razor again to keep it in place. All parts of the blade can cut though, not just the sharpened edges, so take your time and don’t rush when replacing blades.

When it comes to the actual shaving stage, let the razor do all the work. Double edge blades are seriously sharp, so there’s no need to push hard - simply glide the razor in the direction the hair grows. Don’t shave against the grain as this will cause shaving rash and harm sensitive skin. Try stretching your skin when shaving your neck and any other delicate areas such as the upper lip and near your ears - this will give you more control and will reduce pulling as the razor glides.

Buying a safety razor

A safety razor is an investment piece and should therefore be treated like one. Look for one made from solid stainless steel, which will ensure it’s both long-lasting and stylish. Taking things a step further, the Adam safety razor is inlaid with ironwood, giving the handle a weighty yet comfortable feel.

The handle is designed to sit perfectly in the hand, giving you ultimate control and accuracy, while the design is plastic free, perfect for the eco-conscious. It also looks incredible on a bathroom shelf, especially if bought as part of a shaving set, complete with a brush, stand and bowl.

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