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Grooming Tips

Should I Use Conditioner?

You might not think you need conditioner, but chances are you do. There may not be a product more important when it comes to your hair’s health and general wellbeing. Yes, shampoo is vital, but it’s nothing without conditioner. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is moisture. Conditioner stops hair from becoming too dry, giving it life and a healthy look and feel, essential for anyone that wants to look after and maintain a good head of hair. In short, you’d do well to add it to your grooming routine, pronto.

Why you need conditioner

Without regular conditioner use, your hair might be silently suffering. Or, indeed, not so silently. Obvious signs you need to up your usage include a dry, itchy scalp and overly dry, limp hair. You’re probably already well acquainted with shampoo, but while it does a good job of cleaning hair, it removes many of your hair’s naturally occurring oils in the process. Overly oily hair is never an attractive look, but your hair needs some oil to give it life - in short, there’s a balance, and shampoo throws that balance off. That’s where conditioner comes in. Conditioner helps restore those lost oils, while nourishing the hair at the same time. It closes the cuticles of the hair after shampoo opens them, locking in moisture and those all-important nutrients. Something else to consider is that regardless of your hair length, conditioner is beneficial. Even if your hair is really short, conditioner softens it and moisturises the scalp at the same time, reducing both dryness and itchiness. It’s a win win.

How to use conditioner

Using conditioner is simple. But there are some basic steps to remember so you can best enjoy its benefits.

- Use two 50p coin-sized amounts of conditioner and smooth through the hair from its base to the ends, ensuring that your head is evenly covered.

- Leave in for a few minutes to allow the conditioner to properly soak into the hair

- Rinse thoroughly with warm water

- Do this 2-3 times a week depending on hair length - more if your hair is longer

- You should condition your hair more if it’s coarse, curly or wavy, and if your hair is overly dry because of chemical processing or heat styling

Choosing the right conditioner

It’s worth noting that not all conditioner is the same. But for well balanced hydration and an invigorating scent, we’d recommend our Daily Conditioner, developed in collaboration with our barbers. Silicone and paraben-free, it boasts a hand-blended combination of essential oils made up of pine, cedarwood and coconut oil that’ll leave a healthy shine and keep both your hair and your scalp hydrated. A key ingredient, coconut oil is known to prevent loss of protein from the hair, ensuring it stays stronger and healthier for longer. As well as this it also reduces sun damage and prevents breakage, making it one of the best ingredients for healthy growth. Elsewhere, cedarwood is utilised for both its intriguing scent, but also its ability to keep your scalp moisturised, and pine works as a natural antiseptic, combining with cedarwood to ensure both your scalp and the hair itself is as healthy and protected as possible. Teaming up together, Adam’s signature blend of essential oils work in tandem to promote hair growth, combining with your hair’s own natural oils to ensure you feel as good as you look.

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