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The Traditional Turkish Ear Flame

Loved, slightly feared and curiously satisfying, everything you ever needed to know about the ear flame

Touted by GQ as the ‘manliest way to remove your ear hair’, its origins, of course, started in Turkey. This technique was used to ‘seal’ hair after a cut, as the barbers believed that hair was a living, and singeing it would stop it bleeding. However, most of our barbers don’t believe this anymore…

The technique has developed over time and is now used in our Ateliers to singe off any unwanted ear hair – touted as the quickest, safest and surprisingly painless way to get rid of all undesirable hairs.

Our one piece of advice would be to leave this one to the professionals – not one to try whilst working from home! The traditional Turkish ear flame or ‘kulak alevi’ in Turkish, is offered as part of every service at ADAM.

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