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Grooming Tips

How to Deal with Shaving Rash; ADAM barbers share their expertise

As purveyors of the perfect shave, it’s no surprise that leading magazine Men’s Health turned to ADAM’s Head of Barber, Sait Koca, for tips on how to cut close without leaving a nick. As anyone with a razor in hand has known; shaving is equal measures art and science.

There are many synonyms that come with shaving; silk and smooth being just two of the choice picks. What one doesn’t want is a lumpy bumpy red rash to bloom across the skin. Shaving rash is both literally and metaphorically a pain. It smarts to touch, it destroys a refined look, and it’s just plain irritating.

Sait Koca is the samurai of close shaves at ADAM Grooming Atelier. Speaking with Men’s Health, he explains that a dull razor blade is one of the most common culprits of a bad shave. But what if your blade is as sharp as a knife edge? Perhaps, it’s the telltale side of a misguided technique.

The truth is shaving isn’t as simple as it first appears. To understand the ins and outs of a strong supple technique means understanding the finery of follicles and the skins relationship to hair. For those who are used to a fast-five-minute job with a disposable razor, it may be time to reconsider this rogue approach and take a little more time with your face.

This article from Men’s Health is a great place to start. Sait’s tips cover everything from technique to tools, stroke length, and even soothing anxious pores. He lets you know what your skin loves when feeling sensitive and what it needs a break from.

Your face is the road map of a life well-lived; it deserves all the care it gets. Find out exactly how to keep your shave sensory fresh and far from the ripening of shaving rash by reading Sait’s tips right here.

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