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Benefits of Cedarwood oil for the hair

It’s no secret that the products you use to wash and style your hair have a huge effect on its health, condition, and overall appearance. Depending on the ingredients included in your hair product’s formulation, it can provide various benefits to your hair and scalp.

For years, cedarwood oil has been deployed for a variety of uses. In 17th Century England, cedarwood oil was used as a remedy for coughs and shortness of breath, and in ancient Egypt, it was used for embalming during the mummification process as a way of ensuring insects and infections didn’t disturb the body.

Nowadays, cedarwood oil has much less grisly uses, being prized for its distinctive, mellow scent, and its benefits to both the skin and hair.


Cedarwood oil originated in Lebanon, where the bark, roots and leaves from ancient cedar trees were distilled to create oils. Today, the large cedar forests of the middle east have largely been eradicated, and so cedarwood oil is extracted from the Cedarwood Atlas tree native to Morocco, the Himalayan Cedar, and the Cyprian cedar, and most extensively in the North American Cedar trees of Virginia.

The aroma of cedarwood oil has been used in aromatherapy extensively, thanks to the warm, woody, mellow scent which is said to help relax and motivate.


As barbers, we’re always looking for time-proven, natural solutions that provide benefits to our clients’ hair and scalps and cedarwood oil possesses an array of advantages:

Hair loss

Many men dread thinning hair and receding hairlines, but according to Men’s Health Forum, it’s a fact that in the UK two thirds of men will experience male pattern baldness. While it’s mostly experienced by Caucasian men, it can affect men of nearly all races (except, curiously, those of Native American heritage).

Of course, male pattern baldness is simply a part of growing older, but for many the loss of hair can be distressing. Many of us find confidence and a sense of identity through our hair, and so when it begins to thin it can lead to severe dents in self-esteem and affect happiness levels.

Alongside male pattern baldness, hair loss can also be caused by other conditions including alopecia areata - in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy hair follicles - and nutritional deficiency.

While for many a receding hairline is an inevitability, cedarwood oil has been shown to help slow down the process. In a 1998 study, massaging cedarwood oil, alongside a number of other essential oils and a carrier oil, into the scalp was shown to be an effective treatment for alopecia areata, with 44% of participants in the study noticing a real difference.

Cedarwood oil enhances circulation to the scalp, meaning that hair growth is better supported, and follicles are strengthened. It also balances the oil producing glands in the scalp, providing more growth-friendly conditions.

Using shampoos, conditioners, and hair tonics with cedarwood as an active ingredient can help to slow hair loss, and promote new, healthier growth.


Cedarwood oil is used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Like any area on the body, the scalp needs to be cleansed in order to keep it healthy and free from infection or other conditions. Throughout the day, your scalp is affected by pollutants in the air, heat and cold from the climate, and fibres and particles from hats, hoods, or other headwear, not to mention the shampoo, conditioner, and styling products you use. Moreover, your follicles and pores in your scalp also produce oils that work to protect and moisturise the skin and hair. There are a lot of factors at play that can affect the health and condition of your scalp, which in turn affects the health and condition of your hair.

When not properly looked after, your scalp can become too oily causing painful spots on the scalp, too dry leading to itchy flaky skin and dandruff, or develop infections or fungal conditions. These circumstances can lead to discomfort, oily or dry hair, increased levels of hair loss and slower healthy growth.

Cedarwood oil on the scalp helps to cleanse, rebalance the natural oils in your hair, and combat fungal or bacterial infections. Therefore, using hair products that contain cedarwood oil can help to improve the condition of your scalp, and maintain a healthy head of hair.

At ADAM, we use cedarwood oil in all of our hair products to ensure the health of our clients’ hair and scalp. You can experience the soothing and strengthening properties of our cedarwood enriched products by checking out our men’s hair range.

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