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Our first store in New York takes inspiration from our ateliers across London. Each unique space offers a timeless barbering experience in a cutting edge design environment.

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Our barbershops are destinations where a timeless barbering experience offered in a cutting edge design environment.

Our interiors, like our barbers are strong and confident, modern spaces. Designed leading by Eray Carbojo, a man who himself originates from Istanbul and learned his for many years craft under the visionary Zaha Hadid.

Eray is an award wining architect, he creates spaces with purpose and strength. His knowledge of the history of Anatolia is reflected in the materials he has brought together to create the ADAM Ateliers.


Each Atelier, like the historic Hammams assures privacy and complete focus on the client. As you enter the Atelier a long strip of Marmara marble, the very marble used in the Hammams of Istanbul, cuts deeply though the space. Floating on this is, is a unique natural chestnut structure that houses each grooming cabin, confident and assured, it creates a relaxing and compelling atmosphere.

Each grooming cabin houses a 3-sided mirrors each man becomes the center of the barbers attention, emerging stronger and confident for city life.

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