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Grooming Tips

How to enjoy lockdown 2021 – an ADAM man’s guide

We can all agree that the start of 2021 has been unusual compared to previous years. With a lockdown in place across the UK restricting who we can see and where we can go, many of the everyday staples we rely on to stave off the January blues have not been possible. Here we’ve complied a guide to help you make it through the first dark months of 2021 and actually enjoy it, one drastically altered everyday situation at a time. From the long-lost post-work chats with friends in the pub, to the drawn out weekends in the house, here’s how to enjoy an exceptional winter, from the point of view of our ADAM man.

At ADAM, we understand that an altered start to the year might mean that the temptation to stay in a state of near hibernation throughout the entirety of the national lockdown might be irresistible, however, even though there might be less reason to wear your smart work clothes and pay any attention to what your hair’s doing, we think it’s important that you still make the effort. For us, it’s more about making yourself feel confident, fresh, and like yourself at a time when we’re going to be staying in our own homes much more than usual.

Working from home

While many of us have been working from home for the majority of last year, it can still be a challenge getting yourself geared up and ready for work. In the post-holiday struggle to get back into a strong routine, it can be difficult to feel like yourself and perform at the top of your game. For us, we find that when we feel confident in ourselves, our work performance, concentration, and self-discipline also fall into line. A 2019 survey by Wahl found that a third of men feel more able to tackle challenging work situations after a visit to their barber, and 81% felt more confident in themselves in the two weeks following a fresh cut, shave or\ treatment. While barbers are unable to operate under the national restrictions in the UK, making an effort with your appearance and indulging in some grooming at home can have a similar effect. So, regardless of your usual work video call etiquette, whether you get ready for work as normal, only dress whatever is visible on camera, or simply keep your camera switched off, we recommend making an effort for video calls and even when just working alone at your kitchen table. Treat yourself to a nice clean shirt, wash your hair and style it as if you’re going to the office, and make sure you add a spritz of fragrance even though your colleagues won’t smell it. It’ll put you in a more active frame of mind, boost your confidence and help you enjoy a different office experience.


When work is over, for many the dark evenings are lit up by seeing friends, going out for meals or drinks, or visiting family. This year is likely to be different, and the repetitive nature of staying at home each evening can affect mood and mental health. Self-care is the way forward. While you might be doing your best to keep the kids entertained after a day of home-schooling, or making sure elderly relatives aren’t feeling too alone, or attempting to chat with every old school friend and colleague you missed seeing over the holidays, it’s also important to schedule some time in the evenings just for you. Whether that’s running a bath and treating yourself to a full shave treatment complete with Post Shave Balm and cologne, taking half an hour to sit in a comfortable chair with a drink, or settling down to watch a film with your family, doing something relaxing that you enjoy in the evenings gives you time to unwind and enjoy what can be a difficult time for many.


For many, weekends in the grey start of the year involve Netflix, Sunday roasts, and spending time with the family. 2021 still allows for, and actively encourages, staying at home and enjoying the company of your fellow house mates or support bubbles. However, for some, especially those working from home, the weekends are simply a time stuck in the house with the same people you’ve been stuck with for the past year, without the relief of summer sunshine. To keep yourself sane and to enjoy your days off work, try to find a routine. This might be getting up at a particular time and getting ready for the day ahead with a shower and a shave. It might be going out for a walk in daylight hours each morning. Or it might be taking an hour for yourself each afternoon to do something solitary, like read a book, listen to a podcast, or play a video game. Finding a routine helps to give structure to what can be a structureless time and can help you enjoy the weekends regardless of the unusual circumstances.

Special Occasions

While the majority of the population has experienced a lockdown birthday and a hugely altered holiday season, those with birthdays and celebrations at the start of the year are yet to encounter the unusual experience. Whether it’s your birthday, a religious or cultural celebration, or a special day for a family member or friend, what was supposed to be a time of togetherness and fun can be a struggle when plans and traditions are forced to change. We recommend trying to keep as many of your usual traditions as possible, whether that’s getting dressed up in your glad rags, cooking a special meal, or singing “Happy Birthday”, try to enjoy as much normality as you possibly can, even if your social interactions all need to take place over FaceTime. Make sure, if you can, that you remember to treat yourself with a birthday gift or a little something to brighten up the occasion. We recommend something that will make you feel good – like a new razor, some fresh cologne, or voucher for a treatment at your barber for when they reopen.

The ADAM shop has everything you need to keep yourself feeling good and staying san this holiday season, from professional standard hair styling products, to men’s fragrances and sophisticated razor sets. Take a look at our online shop.

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