Adam Grooming Atelier is London’s leading barber providing ultimate male grooming experience including services such as traditional haircut, cut-throat razor shave with hot towel and massage.


Best rated barber shop in London based on the highest number of google and facebook reviews.

Experienced Barbers

Fully vetted barbers with ultimate scissor, clipper and wet-shave skills

Unique Experience

Well detailed and consistent services with attention to detail

Great Ambiance

Ambiance designed for relaxation and privacy


Welcome to ADAM: a grooming atelier for gentlemen who are seeking a timeless barbering experience to complement their lifestyles. The ADAM experience is not about the latest trend or bygone era, it’s about stepping into a contemporary, uncluttered space, indulging in the artful hands and discerning eye of our barbers, and walking out feeling restored and looking sharp and polished.

ADAM’s traditions take root in Roman barbering, old-world craftsmanship, and English etiquette. Like the earliest artisans, ADAM’s talented barbers have acquired their expertise through years of experience and apprenticeship. At the atelier, every guest is refreshed and invigorated by an experience that’s catered specifically to his needs, from a close shave and hot-towel press to a head-and-neck massage and beard trim.

ADAM’s logo features the profile of a man whose lines and shapes suggest the streets and neighbourhoods of a city—a reminder that ADAM’s identity is continually formed by the clientele who work, play, and live here now. This modern Adam knows that today’s paradise is one of his own making. His ambitions scrape the sky but his feet are every bit on the ground.

Your face tells its own story. What do you want it to say?