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How to get the barbershop experience at home

There can be any number of reasons why you might not be able to make it to your barber when you’re desperate for that barbershop experience. Most recently, lockdown has been a major culprit in depriving men of the sacred ritual of a visit to the barber which leaves them feeling confident, fresh, and relaxed.

At ADAM, we’re determined to keep delivering that distinctive experience whether our shops are open for business or not. We can’t have a global pandemic get in the way of our customers’ confidence and appearance. So here we present your complete guide to getting the barbershop experience at home.

The ADAM experience

We believe that the experience you get at an ADAM barbershop is unique, from the way you’re welcomed, the drink you’re offered, and the seat you’re caressed by, to the quality of the shave, the expertise of the barber, and that freshly cut feeling that lasts for days afterwards.

While there are a lot of things we can’t replicate in your home, we can ensure you have the products to give your hair and face the quality treatment and luxurious aroma that you’d expect at a visit to ADAM.

The Hair

There’s no other feeling quite like leaving the barbershop with a fresh haircut. And while we’d caution you that attempting a DIY haircut is a dangerous business, and a job best left to your barber when you’re next able to visit, that same feeling of treating your hair to a luxurious wash and a professional style is something you can enjoy from home.


Choosing the right product to give your hair that barbershop quality wash means looking at professional products; they’re the choice of hair professionals everywhere because they’re developed with unrivalled expertise. If they’re good enough for your barber to be using on heads day in and day out, they’re going to be ideal for recreating the barbershop quality wash at home.

Daily shampoos and conditioners should be gentle on the hair while containing natural ingredients that actively work towards the health of your hair and scalp. Natural ingredients to look out for include: aloe vera, which leaves hair smooth and shiny while reducing itchiness on the scalp; cedarwood, which regulates scalp oils and promotes healthy growth; and coconut oil, which helps to prevent hair breakage and adds shine. Not only this, but natural ingredients and essential oils ensure an amazing smell for that barbershop experience.


What styling products to choose depends on a number of factors, including your hair type, your desired style and the amount of time you’re willing and able to devote to it. Again, the quality of the product correlates with the quality of the finished style, so we recommend professional class products.

Texturizing paste, matte clay, sea salt spray, and volumizing hair tonic are all products that many barbers swear by to get the right look for their clients, so which product to use depends on your current cut and the feel you’re going for.

Whatever product you use, for the luxury barbershop experience and professional result, we recommend choosing a product that is rich in botanical ingredients that work with the natural texture of your hair.

Take a look at the ADAM range of styling products for inspiration.

The Shave

A professional shave is hard to beat, but when looking for a similar experience at home, we recommend switching to a wet shave safety razor. The benefits of using a safety razor not only on the quality of the shave but also on the condition of your skin far outweigh the extra care that is needed to get a professional finish.

However, it’s not just the razor you use that affects the quality of the shave. For a real barbershop finish professional shaving cream, balm, moisturiser, and beard oil are a must. Again, keep an eye out for natural oils and botanical ingredients in your products – they’ll actively nourish your skin and ease the shaving process while also smelling great.

The Spritz

The right fragrance can affect your mood, confidence, and how yourself and others perceive you. So, taking the time to find a scent that reflects who you are and makes you feel like the best version of yourself is important, even if all you’re doing is working remotely at your kitchen table.

Finishing off your barbershop home experience is about adding that extra little note of sophistication with an aftershave or cologne. There are a lot of different fragrances out there, and it can be hard to find one that suits you perfectly. We recommend starting with either a scent that you like and finding fragrances that use it, or thinking about a feeling that you want to convey and finding fragrances that emit that.

For inspiration, take a look at the ADAM range of fragrances for men. Using natural ingredients and essential oils, they blend sophisticated scents to create a diverse array of fragrances, from woody and warm with sage, cinnamon and bergamot, to crisp, fresh, and outdoorsy with wild pine needle, to spicy and exotic with cardamom, tobacco leaf bergamot, and sandalwood.


No ADAM barbershop experience is complete without a drink of your choice and time to relax. A huge part of the barbershop experience is the time away from the pressures of life to focus on yourself, so don’t forget to take a break, put your feet up and bask in your freshly home-barbered, fragrant aura.

At ADAM, we’ve developed a brand new range of professional products, gifts and sets for hair, face, and fragrance to allow you to enjoy the ADAM experience at home. Check out the products in our online shop or drop into one of our ADAM barbershops to find out more.

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