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Why should you try pomade

Pomade is one of the best styling products available today. It has a strong hold and typically offers a high-shine look that’s used for retro-style side partings and slick backs.

Aside from it's finish being perfect for these throwback hairstyles, using pomade often allows you to change your look without having to cut your hair - it’s ideal if you get bored of the same look all the time, or if you’re growing your hair and want to tame what you already have. Whatever you’re thinking of using pomade for, here’s all you need to know.

What is pomade?

Pomade is a styling product, traditionally used for slick, neat hairstyles reminiscent of 1920s Gatsby-esque looks, or ’50s and ‘60s Mad Men styles. Its strong hold smooths the hair, allowing sleek comb control, and in some ways acts like a gel, setting the hair in place.

Pomade adds a sheen to the hair, which works especially well with dark hair, ie Don Draper. Depending on the strength of the pomade you go for, it can either be light and malleable, or very heavy, setting your hair like rock.

Ways to use pomade

- Smart and slick

For black tie or red carpet-style slicked looks, dry the hair into the place either side parted or slicked back. Use a spritz of hair tonic to hold the hair together for a sleeker look before drying. Finish with pomade warmed in palms and coated onto both sides of the fingers for the most thorough application.

- Classic quiffs

For a gloss finish on volumised styles like quiffs, blow dry the hair into place, then volumise with sea salt spray, before drying again. Use pomade lightly across the top to pull the style together and give it shine.

- On curly hair

To use as a curl toner or for wet looks like finger waves, gently pat hair to remove some moisture but leaving it damp. Apply pomade generously and scrunch through curls, twisting any loose ends together to minimise frizz. Leave to dry fully before touching the hair again. For finger waves, after applying the pomade use a combination of your hands and a comb to achieve the desired look.

Finishing things off

Pomade is more versatile than you might first think. Apply on damp hair for a softer, textural finish which works especially well with curly or wavy hair. It can also be used on facial hair. Use a small amount to smooth down the surface frizz on unruly beards, or use it for adding control to handlebar moustache tips.

Our pomade offers a light hold and a slick, high gloss finish. Like all our products it’s been enriched with our in-house blend of signature essential oils, as well as natural formula castor oil, which is what gives it its unbeatable shine. Cedarwood ensures your scalp remains as healthy as possible, while fir balsam and pine protects the hair from daily pollutants while offering a fresh, masculine scent. It’s the only pomade you need.

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