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Grooming Tips

Six Beard Styles To Try In 2021

There's more to growing a beard than simply not shaving. If you've got a face full of whiskers (or are planning on getting one), there are some things you need to learn. Like where your neckline is, how to maintain the perfect length, and – you'll thank us for this one – how to avoid the dreaded itch. It's also worth educating yourself on which beard styles will flatter you the most.

Like the hair on top of your head, the shape of your beard can speak volumes about who you are, but only if you get it right. If you're not sure where to start, a barber is always a useful resource for advice. Which is why asked Alex Glover, head of retail at ADAM, for his top six beard styles and how to get them.


There are plenty of reasons to grow stubble. Aside from the obvious benefits of giving your skin a break from daily shaving, it's also the easiest beard style to maintain and can be trimmed to suit just about any individual's face shape.

How To Grow It

Growing stubble might seem as easy as locking away the razor, but there's a subtle art to a five o'clock shadow that looks good any time of day. If you're confident trimming your own beard, use a clipper on grade one to maintain the length, then without a guard to shape up the cheeks, around the lips and below the jawline.

How To Care For It

There's never an excuse to neglect the skin beneath your beard, particularly when it's on show. ADAM's Charcoal Face Wash not only prevents breakouts but also ensures healthy growth, should you let your stubble go on to become something fuller.


"Avoid over-trimming the natural lines of your stubble. If you do, you risk having to whittle away on the left and right until you achieve symmetry or end up with a chinstrap."


The balbo beard comes with several variations, such as the Van Dyke or the anchor, but most barbers agree the classic shape is made up of three parts: a chinstrap without sideburns and a slightly fuller chin, a disconnected moustache and a soul patch.

How To Grow It

A natural follow-on from stubble, the simplest way to create a balbo beard is to let the hair grow to around 1cm in length before trimming. This beard style relies on graduating the hairs shorter the further they are from the jawline so they fade away into the hair, making good bone structure essential.

How To Care For It

Facial hair tends to wick moisture away from the skin, leading to dryness. To avoid beard dandruff, hydrate your skin using ADAM's Daily Moisturiser, which contains a blend of essential oils and hyaluronic acid.


"This can be a tricky beard style to maintain at home, so consider booking into an ADAM Atelier for some weekly face time with the pros."


A grooming godsend for guys with patchy cheeks, a goatee beard focuses on the follicles front and centre. The most common style is a circle goatee, which is a great way to bring balance to angular faces, but should be avoided by those with rounder features.

How To Grow It

Once you have grown your facial hair to an even length, simply shave everything except for your moustache, chin, and the lines connecting the two. Keep the shape defined by trimming or shaving every other day, but leave a little more length in the hair on your chin, which will help visually lengthen any face shape.

How To Care For It

To minimise the risk of ingrown hairs, always shave your cheeks and neck with good quality products. ADAM's single blade Safety Razor reduces drag and irritation while the Post Shave Balm helps restore lost moisture.


"It's important to consider how the beard style you choose looks from all angles. Invest in a hand mirror and always use it to check your profile when trimming or shaping."


More than a moustache, but less than a beard, the beardstache (as the name suggests) is a facial hair hybrid that brings together two looks into one. A more recent trend in the grooming world, this beard style is defined by a full upper lip surrounded by anything more than a week's worth of stubble.

How To Grow It

Becoming the owner of a beardstache takes a little time, but you have options for how you achieve it. The first is to stop shaving your moustache until it reaches the desired length, then allow the cheeks to follow behind. The second is to grow a full beard then trim it two or three grades shorter on the cheeks.

How To Care For It

It's not enough to trim your beard and expect it to fall into place. A small amount of ADAM's light hold Pomade, worked into a damp beard, can help keep your moustache looking manicured.


"This is a great beard style to try without committing to it. Next time you trim your facial hair, start with the cheeks to get a sense of how it might look.”

Full Beard

The envy of every follicularly challenged man, a thick, bushy beard is a statement few have the ability (or patience) to grow. For those that can, a full beard can be adapted to suit any face shape, but they're especially good for bald guys as they draw the attention down your face and add balance.

How To Grow It

Although it seems low maintenance, a full beard requires a fair bit of TLC to look its best. Overall growth time can be anywhere from six to nine months, but during that time it's important to regularly trim the hairs as they grow, taking time to tidy the cheeks and neck area to give the beard its shape.

How To Care For It

It can be challenging for thick, cream-based products to reach the skin beneath fuller facial hair. A beard oil benefits from a liquid consistency that allows it to penetrate deeply, to nourish and soften it all.


"Depending on the hair texture, longer beards can benefit from being blow-dried into place after washing. Start at the bottom of your beard and work your way up, section by section, combing as you go."

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