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Grooming Tips

How to care for your Mo

You might see more men than usual rocking moustaches during the month of November. It’s not some cutting edge trend you’re not aware of, but most likely due to Movember, the annual event that takes place throughout the month. The idea is that you proudly grow a moustache and raise a bit of cash in aid of men’s health issues, including testicular cancer and suicide.

Thinking of joining them? There are few things you need to keep in mind. From growing it out from scratch to carving a new one out of an existing beard, here’s everything you need to know about caring for your new-found mo.

Tips on growing a moustache from scratch

If you’re planning to grow a moustache from scratch, you might have to think twice. A Movember moustache is not likely to grow very long in just one month. So try experimenting with the shape. Why not try a pencil style moustache, with a narrow line parallel to the top lip - think classic Clark Gable or John Walters. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require an awful lot of hair.

Another style you could experiment with is a chevron moustache, which has angled sides from the middle of the nose to corners of the mouth or just beyond (depending on your growth). The best thing to do, as always, is visit your barber and ask for guidance.

How to convert your beard into a moustache

If you already have a beard and fancy trimming everything but the moustache off, where do you begin?

The first tip is to be careful - place a finger on your precious moustache before you start trimming to avoid accidentally taking length away. Or use some of the goatee or cheek area to create an elaborate masterpiece - use an edging style trimmer to shape it.

Afterwards, you’ll want to wet shave your cheeks, neck and the areas around your moustache. Follow your trim with a luxurious shaving cream - and a good shave to create neat lines. Make sure you are symmetrical. Once you have the basic shape - look at how you can adapt the weight or length of what hair is there in order to optimise the look.

Care for freshly shaved skin with our Post Shave Balm - an essential blend of vitamins and herbal extracts that gives your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs. In the next few days, be sure to keep the face and (remaining) hair clean, detoxed and hydrated with ADAM Charcoal face wash. Use this alongside our Daily Beard Oil to nourish the hair and keep it healthy and soft.

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