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Grooming Tips

How to best care for your skin post shave

While essential, shaving can be detrimental to your skin’s health if you don’t look after it correctly. Shaving cream dries the skin out, while razors can create irritation and soreness, often leaving your face feeling tight and uncomfortable. Which is why you need to have a post shave routine. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help.

How to care for your skin post shave

Shaving essentially strips your skin of all its moisture. So, if you don’t apply a post shave balm or moisturiser after shaving, your skin will remain incredibly dry and tight. Not only will this be uncomfortable, it might also result in dry flakes of skin appearing, which isn’t a good look.

Keeping things simple, there’s only one product you really need to boost your skin post shave. Immediately following your shave, cleanse your skin with water and apply a post-shave moisturising balm. ADAM's post-shave balm has a blend of Sweet Almond oil - enhancing the moisture levels and helping skin repair. It also contains essential oils to protect your skin, including anti-inflammatory black cedarwood oil and cooling menthol.

How to look after the skin between shaves

We should be using cleansers for our skin - especially as daily life regularly exposes it to a number of pollutants. This is before we take into account other aspects that affect the skin including dehydration, diet, alcohol, the gym, sweat and stress. So, we need to nourish our skin as best we can from within (by staying hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet) and of course externally.

A good cleansing regime should take into account your lifestyle. But regardless of how you live, ADAM Charcoal Facewash is a great place to start for daily skin care. It not only cleanses but also detoxes and hydrates at the same time.

Another important step is exfoliation. An exfoliating face wash should be used 2 - 3 times a week, and especially when your skin is feeling or looking dull.

How to reduce itching

After wet shaving, it’s essential that you use a moisturiser to reduce inflammation and itching. But when shaving and maintaining beards, there’s another step you should consider.

Looking after your beard or facial hair is crucial to avoid itching - simply shampoo and condition it in the shower to avoid beard dandruff. You should also consider applying a beard oil daily, regardless of whether you’ve trimmed it or not. This gives the skin under your beard the moisture it needs to thrive. You don’t need much oil - a pea-sized amount is enough - but good, even coverage will further reduce itching while ensuring your skin is as healthy as can be.

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