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Grooming Tips

Five reasons to use shaving cream and a brush

Some things are best done the traditional way. Shaving is one of them. Forget seven-bladed razors and squirty shave gel, you need old fashioned shaving cream, a safety razor and a brush. What do the former and the latter do though? Shaving cream and brushes work together to offer you the closest possible shave. It might be more time consuming and (slightly) messier, but if you want smooth, healthy skin, it’s really the only way to go.

Here are five reasons to use a shaving cream and a brush.

  1. A traditional shave allows you to accessorise your shaving tools to your personal style - check out our range of stylish and exquisitely made shaving brushes here.
  2. Proper shaving creams tend to have more nourishing ingredients and less bad ones like parabens. Also, creating a lather the old fashioned way combines the shaving brush and soap to generate a truly wet lather. The water in the lather will have the benefit of softening the stubble on your face more thoroughly.
  3. A traditional shave properly softens the hair and nourishes the skin, thanks to the time it takes. Aerosol type shaving foams are on your face for around 10 seconds before you start to shave, which isn’t enough time for a truly close shave. When using shaving cream and a brush though, it takes time to create the lather which is then applied to the face methodically with the brush. This allows your pores to open up properly and the hair to soften, giving a closer shave.
  4. The ADAM Classic Shaving Cream has a host of performance botanicals to benefit the skin in a homeopathic way. Coconut oil softens the hairs, nourishes the skin and helps the razor to glide. Eucalyptus is refreshing, an anti-irritant and soothing. And rosemary, thyme and aloe work together to nourish the shaved skin and beard follicles.
  5. Using a shaving brush is a gentle way to exfoliate around the beard hair. It minimises the build up of post shave bumps and nicks around the follicles, which can make it more difficult to get a clean shave without further irritation.
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