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Grooming Tips

Why you should add hair tonic to your routine

Sometimes the hair on our head can struggle. Be it from using styling products daily, to sweating from exercising or over-washing, our hair can get dry or damaged fairly easily. Which is where hair tonic comes in. Sure, it sounds old fashioned, but it can give hair the moisture it needs to thrive. Here’s why you should add hair tonic to your routine.

What does hair tonic do?

It essentially conditions the hair and scalp. If you like to only shampoo, then a hair tonic will cover some of what you lose by not employing the benefits of conditioner. It will provide a controllable texture, and will eliminate that post wash fluffy feel when clean hair dries. It also works on the finish of the hair, giving a slight sheen provided by essential oils.

The key ingredients often found in hair tonic are also beneficial to the scalp. ADAM hair tonic features an array of natural ingredients that benefit the hair. Cedarwood oil regulates the sebum glands, ensuring your hair doesn't get overly greasy; myrtle has an antibacterial effect, which can help avoid scalp conditions such as dandruff; and menthol has a cooling feel on the scalp while also having the added benefit of promoting blood flow, which provides an added boost to your hair follicles.

Why you should use hair tonic

If you prefer to just shampoo your hair, hair tonic is a great alternative to using conditioner. It’s perfect when applied to freshly washed hair as it gives it a more lived in, less frizzy look and feel. It is better to always use shampoo and conditioner first, but use hair tonic daily if you have dry or almost dry hair. It’s even easier to use in a spray - simply spritz onto your hair for a quick refresh or when your hair is fluffy, and it’ll give you slightly wet-looking, effortless styles.

Barber’s tips: friction rub and why we do that

At ADAM ateliers we employ a traditional barbershop technique called a ‘friction’ or ‘friction massage’. This is fast scrunching of the fingertips over the scalp when using hair tonic, which invigorates the scalp and relieves muscle tension. To do this at home, spray the tonic through hair onto the scalp, moving the hair aside with your fingers. Use your fingertips as if you were shampooing, scrunching from the centre line outwards.

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