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Sold exclusively at ADAM stores

beard oil
Beard Oil (30ml)


Bleu Noir

Hemp oil helps moisturise the skin under the beard to eliminate skin dryness, whilst also preventing itching and irritation. Jajoba oil leaves the beard clean and soft revealing the hairs natural colour and elegance

beard balm
Beard Balm (50ml)


Bleu noir

Our newly released bleu noir fragrance has been developed with hints of jasmine and vanilla to help create the smell for the modern clean shaven or bearded gent. Leaves the skin soft and refreshed.



Hold: Strong

Scent: Lemon & melon

A pliable dry clay which creates an extreme hold with a natural matt look finish.

pliable moulding créme


Hold: Medium
Scent: Tropical fruit blend

Medium hold pliable moulding créme, providing volume and natural shine. Adds life to any style

Versatile shaping clay


Hold: Strong

Scent: Coconut & citrus

Versatile shaping clay giving great texture and definition. Provides a dry matt finish for thickening and control of the hair.

Versatile shaping paste


Hold: Medium
Scent: Cinnamon & nutmeg

Versatile shaping paste that adds texture to the hair providing a great finish with a light-weight but strong hold.